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Tube Bending

Capabilities: (up to and including)

  •  2.0" x 0.188" wall chromoly steel round tube to 180 degrees.

  • 1.5" x 0.188" wall  chromoly steel square tube to 180 degrees.

  • Steel, aluminum, and stainless tubing.


Roll Bending

  • Roll bending of round & square tubing, round stock, flat stock, handrail cap and various other cross-sections.

  •  Wide range of capabilities depending on size and material to be rolled.

  • Able to roll materials from metals to some plastics.


Plate & Sheet Bending

  • 135 ton press brake with 10 ft ram & bed capable of bending 10 ft of 1/4" plate steel.

  • Multiple punches and dies for differing material thickness, bend types, and bend radii.


Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Box & pan apron brake capable of bending 12 gauge x 4 ft steel sheet.

  • Stomp shear capable of shearing and squaring 16 gauge x 52 inch steel sheet.


Punching & Shearing

Our 45 ton Iron Worker  punches holes in and shears steel with ease.

  • Punches 1.25" diameter holes into 3/8" thick steel and 1/2" diameter holes into 1" thick steel.

    • We have a variety of round and square punches/dies in many sizes. Custom shapes also available.

  • Shears: 

    • 6" x 3/8" and 8" x 1/4" steel flat stock

    • 4" x 4" x 1/4" angle iron

    • 3/4" round stock

    • 5/8" square stock



  • Vertical milling machine and lathe (both manual).

    • These machines are mainly used for our internal fabrication processes.​

    • We do offer basic machining services in-house.

  • CNC machining & turning through our network of vendors.​

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